Client Project
The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) Supported the analysis of COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial results from CEPI’s laboratory network, including building a database and a series of monitoring and analytic dashboards. Also helped build and improve their systems that track programmatic/financial progress to inform strategic decision-making and ensure smooth daily operations.
Polio – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Provided analytical and technical assistance on a variety of efforts related to using monitoring data to inform programmatic decisions.  Example responsibilities include data visualization, operations-focused analytics, and capacity building efforts to support Pakistan’s eradication program.
The World Health Organization Provided technical and scientific surge capacity in support of the COVID-19 pandemic response for the Solidarity Vaccine Trial and broadly to the R&D Blueprint Secretariat. Example responsibilities include technical coordination, scientific and vaccine trial Secretariat support, and support to implement the vaccine clinical trials in assigned countries and trial sites.
HIV – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Designed and oversaw a series of data quality audits for a VMMC grant where the results from the audits were tied to the grantee’s payment. Provided capacity building support and technical assistance to Population Services International & Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care for the implementation of data quality audits.
Market Dynamics – PATH Supported the early design of a program aimed at increasing access to oxygen at health facilities in developing countries. Responsibilities include creating a theory of change that outlines the logic underpinning the business plan, laying the groundwork for a mathematical model to estimate the potential long-term impact on accessibility, and supporting decisions about the best implementation and operational strategies.
Strategy, Measurement, and Evaluation –The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Provided technical assistance for the Foundation’s central measurement and evaluation team. Supported a broad range of evaluations and special projects for program teams that needed additional support, including helping to oversee a committee whose role was to ensure grants that use results-based financing (where payment is tied to outputs or outcomes) are designed with sufficient rigor.
Assurance and Enterprise Risk Management – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Wrote a brief to support this team’s approach to assessing a grantee’s ability to accurately report on its programmatic progress. The contents of the brief included criteria that could be used to select grantees for a programmatic assurance review as well as guidance regarding the scope of the reviews.
Health System Analytics – PATH Performed a review of literature and documents related to technical assistance and capacity building funded by the Global Fund – with the goal of informing the proposal for an evaluation.
Innovations for Poverty Action Provided writing and editing support to Dean Karlan (Yale) and Mary Kay Gugerty (University of Washington) for their book The Goldilocks Challenge about how to monitor programs when randomized trials are not feasible.

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