Blind Wine Tasting

We advocate for evidence-based decision-making in all facets of life – not just within efforts to drive improvements in health or socio-economic status. In parallel, we have seen our clients, colleagues, and friends suffer from a lack of valid data upon which to base decisions about their wine consumption. The challenge became clear: how can we use our technical skills to decrease the extent to which people purchase wine based on the cost of the bottle or beauty of the label?

As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) division, we offer our services pro bono for blind wine tasting events. For the cost of the wine alone, we mask wines that range in price from $3-$150, have guests fill out an electronic survey, and then reveal the results. Below is a sneak peek of what you can expect, though with fake names to stay inline with our human subjects approvals:

deidentified for website

To date, we have saved over 100 people from the dire effects of manipulative marketing from wineries. While the results have weak external validity due to self-selection, guests come away knowing their true preferences – information that has resulted in thousands of dollars saved worldwide. Feedback from past guests includes: “This event changed my life.”, “Who knew I like Merlot.” and “What is wrong with you – don’t you have better ways to spend your discretionary time?”

Would you like to be considered for our next event? Contact us today.


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