We help our clients measure, manage, and interpret results – all to ensure data are appropriately used to assess and iteratively improve programming. We pride ourselves in balancing academic rigor with programmatic priorities while being explicit about biases and limitations.

Our services generally fall into the following bodies of work:

  • Monitoring systems and performance management. We design and strengthen systems that track progress—systems that help staff improve implementation and help management with strategic planning. We believe 1) the data you collect should be lean and actionable, rather than comprehensive and burdensome, and 2) ensuring evidence actually influences decisions requires a whole lot more than simply having the right data.
  • Research and programmatic evaluations. We design and implement a large range of evaluations, from randomized trials and observational epidemiologic studies to data quality audits and Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles. Our evaluations blend quantitative and qualitative efforts in a way that is fit to purpose.
  • Data management, visualization, and analysis. We clean and analyze existing data to help inform decision-making. We use a combination of Tableau and ArcGIS in addition to Stata and R, tailored to the needs of a given project.
  • Special projects. Examples include capacity building for ministries of health, advising on a book about M&E best practices, and writing guidance about how to design performance-based grants.

While this keeps us busy, we are open to discussing other needs if we believe our skillsets would provide value.

Clients include:

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